The use of vaginal pessaries within conservative therapy is a proven method of supporting the pelvic floor when treating prolapse complaints and incontinence issues. It has been successfully used for many years and is becoming a popular treatment option.

Pessaries are a cost effective, simple and reversible treatment for prolapse and stress incontinence. Pessaries provide an alternative to costly surgery and the potential for associated complications. The Profem Pessary range is made from Hypo-allergenic Medical grade silicone.

ProFem® pessaries are available in a wide range of types and sizes and cater for nearly all indications in relation to pelvic floor disorders and incontinence.

These high-quality pessaries have been successfully established in many markets throughout the world.

You can find an overview of the ProFem® pessaries and further
information about pessary therapy on the following pages.



Sayco Europe GmbH

ProFem® pelvic floor care – by Sayco

Sayco is a German Limited founded in 2019, a sister company to the Australian owned and operated company Sayco Pty Ltd. that was formed in 1984. Sayco’s sole focus is providing solutions for incontinence and prolapse issues. ProFem® from Sayco Europe GmbH is a comprehensive range of Pelvic Floor care products. Our main product range comes from Bioteque America, an innovative and quality driven, medical device manufacturer.

Sayco Europe GmbH in Germany distributes the ProFem® range of products throughout Europe.


The ProFem® brand specializes in Pelvic Floor Healthcare devices for the treatment of pelvic floor prolapse and incontinence conditions. The comprehensive range of high-quality pessaries enable a largely individual adaptation to the anatomy and indication of the patient concerned. The ProFem® pessaries and vaginal dilators are certified medical devices in compliance with DIN EN ISO 13485 and is CE marked.

ProFem® is a registered trademark of SAYCO PTY Ltd.


Pessary Therapy

The treatment of pelvic floor conditions with pessaries has been widely used for centuries in many cultures. Pessaries can for example be placed in the vagina as a conservative therapy for prolapse and stress incontinence.

Evidence of pessary use dates back to ancient Egypt. Natural products were among the first devices used as pessaries, later these were manufactured of glass, porcelain, clay and rubber. The Profem range of pessaries is made of a hypo-allergenic medical grade silicone.

The success of the pessary therapy depends initially on the choice oft he right pessary type and size. Before using a pessary the medical condition needs to be examined by a specialist to rule out contraindications and possible risks. Ideally the patient should be trained by the healthcare professional to insert and remove the pessary herself. ProFem supports healthcare professionals with unique fitting sets which are available for most types of pessaries.

It is recommended that the pessary is removed and cleaned on a regular basis determined with your healthcare professional. Some pessary types may be used over a longer uninterrupted period and a regular appointment schedule would be arranged with your healthcare professional.

Pessary therapy is a well accepted, cost-efficient and effective treatment for many
pelvic floor disorders that is usually covered by healthcare insurance.


Pessary Types

There are many different types of vaginal pessaries with a proven record treating descensus and incontinence issues. With the ProFem® pessaries Sayco offers an unique range of pessary types and sizes that allow for a largely individual adaptation and care.

Some of the ProFem® pessaries are available as a version with an additional supporting membrane. These offer an improved uterus support.

The perforated versions allow for an improved drainage of secretions and easier removal of the pessary. The ProFem® cube pessary can be ordered with or without perforation if a stronger suction to the vaginal wall is required by the healthcare professional.

For further information on pessary types and their range of application please refer to Products.





The vaginal dilators may be used to enlarge the vagina for an examination, a surgical procedure, or for the relief of vaginismus. The ProFem® vaginal dilators are made of soft pliable silicone. They are are rigid enough to perform their intended task but do not look or feel intimidating. Their shape is intended to assist in them staying in during the procedure.

The ProFem® vaginal dilators come in three kits with four sizes each. The medium and large family of vaginal dilators are also available as individual sizes. Your healthcare professional should determine the appropriate size and the length of time for use.


Fitting sets

Fitting usually requires a trial of various sizes to determine the proper pessary size. The pessary fitting set is designed for the healthcare professional. Fitting sets are available for most pessary types.

The pessary fitting set is a valuable aid in selecting the correct pessary. They consist of 6 of the most common pessary sizes. These are made of high-quality medical grade silicone and are validated for 150 cleaning and sterilization cycles.

The pessaries can be processed for reuse by following the manufacturers guidelines.


P.O.P.s. ruler

The POP-Q score is the main clinical tool used to identify the severity of pelvic organ prolapse, and the anatomical success of conservative therapy and surgery. To date, there has been no easy-to-use measuring device with which to perform POP-Q scores.

Currently many gynecologists make-do using swabs, pap smear sticks, fingers or pipelles etc. to measure POP-Q values, making measurements imprecise and rather cumbersome. The POPs ruler has been designed to offer a more specific, precise and hygienic measuring tool.

POPs ruler offers the following benefits:

  • consistent results
  • easy-to-use
  • cost effectiveness
  • hygienical
  • usable in clinic and research setting
  • made of recyclable material

The P.O.P.s. ruler is available in packages of 20 pieces.
Ref. PR20


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